The goal of the Power lacrosse club is to train the Albany area's
middle and high school age boys and girls in the skills necessary to
be successful high school and college lacrosse players.  The Albany
Power Lacrosse Club offers developmental and elite travel teams in
both the summer and winter seasons as well as a summer league and

The Albany Power program is entering its seventh year, and it is
dedicated to help players to develop lacrosse skills as well as positive
work habits so that they can be successful individuals when they
leave high school.

The Albany Power program has won 19 winter tournaments in 7 years
and 21 summer tournaments in 6 years.  As well as placed over 110
alumni in Div. I, II, and III college lacrosse programs.
........Next practice for all levels is Sunday 12/14 for all levels.....
For more information on the Albany Power Lacrosse Club please
email the directors at:
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                       Complete 2014 Summer Calendar

  • The link for the Albany Power Webstore is here.  Store closes in mid-November
    so that apparel can be delivered for the holidays.

  • Great weekend for the Albany Power Lacrosse Club.  The 2017s were
    undefeated for their 5th straight tournament.  The 2015's , 2016's and 2019's all
    won championships and their respective tournaments and the 2018's lost in the
    finals of their tournament.

  • Rosters are now posted for the boys summer teams:
      2015 team     2016 team       2017 team       U18 Gold team

  • An Updated ADK Summer League at Nott Rd Park schedule has been
    posted on the Summer League Page

  • Rosters are now posted for the boys summer teams:  
   U13 teams   2018 Team    2019 Team    U15 Gold Team

  • Boys and Girls 2017, 2016, and 2015 tryouts start on June 10th.  See calendar
    above for times.

  • Hotel info is now updated on the summer tournament page.  Book soon before
    hotels fill up.  You can always cancel the rooms later.

  • Summer Registration is now open for boys and girls Graduation years 2021-
    2015.  Please visit the summer program page to begin registration.

  • The roster for this weekends fall boys tournament (Capital Clash) at UAlbany is posted
    Here.  All players on the roster must fill out the online waiver form.  When the schedule is
    released by the tournament directors we will post it here.

  • The Albany Power Boys and Girls Winter Program Registration is now open.  Please go to
    the Winter Program page for more info and to register.  It will close out quickly, please
    register soon.

  • The fliers and signature sheets for the fall programs are posted here.  First day is Sunday
    September 15th.        Click to Register.

Boys Flier.     Boys Signature Sheet.     Girls Flier.     Girls Signature Sheet.

  • The Schedule and roster for the tournament at Lake Placid are now posted on
    our summer tournaments page.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you
    can not attend.

  • Congratulations to the Albany Power Boys 2015 and 2014 teams.  They each won
    the championships at the Binghamton Summer Exposure Tournament. The
    Roster for this weekends tournament at Binghamton is posted here.  

  • New schedule for NEYLAT Girls this weekend, revision 3 schedule is now posted
    here for 2020-2018. (2018s are listed as AP-Y Lax).  Posted here for  2017-
    2015.  Please look out for an email from us with info about a parent tailgate.

  • Schedule for this weekends Albany Power Shoot-out at RPI for boys is now
    posted on the Shoot-out page.  

  • Schedule and info for Syracuse University Boys tournament, Boys 2014s and
    2015s, are posted on the summer tournaments page.

  • Schedule for NEYLAT boys, U13, U15, 2017 and 2018 teams are posted here.  It
    is a confusing schedule, look for your team number on Boys Teams 1 or 2 then
    look on the Saturday and Sunday schedules.  Don't forget to bring a waiver to the

  • Girls, please use this link to verify your number for next weekend's girls
    tournaments.  If your number is correct you don't need to take any action. If
    number is incorrect please email:

  • Please use this link to confirm your number for next weekend's boys
    tournaments.  Email Coach Adamo before Saturday, June 29 if your number is not

  • Rosters for Boys Graduation years 2020-2017 are posted here.  First practice is
    Thursday June 6th, 5:30-7:15pm.

  • First Mini-camp/Tryout for Girls grad yrs 2016-2015 and Boys grad yrs 2016-
    2014 is Tuesday June 4th, 6:30-8:30 pm.  Please arrive early to check-in.

  • Power Girls summer rosters for 2013 are posted here.  Please email coach
    DeLano if you have any questions.  Girls 2017     Girls 2018     Girls 2019/20    
    See you at practice on Thursday.

  • Registration is now open for the Albany Power Lacrosse Club Elite Girls
    and Boys summer programs.  Download the summer calendar here.  To
    register for the summer program please use this link.

  • There will be a make-up practice for 5/6th and 7/8th boys this Friday night
    2/22 from 8:15-9:45pm, it is the only time available.  The schedule,
    directions, waiver form and rosters for this Sunday's Hudson Valley Pre-
    Season warmup tournament have been posted on the Winter Tournaments
    page.  U13 schedule has been released, it is now posted on the winter
    tournaments page.

  • Rosters and Schedule for Sunday Feb 10th IAS Tournament are posted on the
    Winter Tournaments page.  Info on the Feb 24th tournament for 5-8th grade boys
    will be posted soon

  • Information in the December 9th Tournament at IAS is posted on the Winter
    Tournaments page.  Congratulations to the Albany Power Gold team.  They
    defeated the Albany Power Blue team in OT in the finals of the IAS Yuletide
    Classic.  Albany Power teams have won the tournament all 6 times that we have
    entered.  Five times we have played another Albany Power team in the finals.

  • Boys and Girls winter sign-ups are now closed on winter and girls pages.

  • Girls fall program sign-up and signature sheet.  For more info
    see                               Power Girls page          Registration Link                     

  • Boys fall program information links are posted
    here.                                                      Flyer.               Signature
    sheet.                     Registration Link

  • The schedule and other info for the girls' Summer Splash tournament at Harvard
    is posted on the summer tournaments page.

  • Congratulations to the Rising Senior team.  They were the champions of the
    Varsity A division at this years Bitter Lacrosse Tournament at Stowe Vt.

    CONTACT COACH ADAMO IMMEDIATELY: fadamo@albanypowerlacrosse.

  • Registration is now open for the Adirondack Summer League at Nott Rd
    Park.  See the Summer League page for more details.
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